Value of Time

Johannesburg the City of Gold. Of course, where there is gold there are gold traders. Where there are gold traders, you will find, right there in the mix, the Pawn Broker. From gold fillings to fenced goods, pawn brokers of pirate tendencies, are thankfully, more the exception than the norm. Moving into your more affluent neighbourhoods and servicing a more affluent clientele, has elevated the once seedy image of the pawn broker. You will find instead, these days, individuals, businessmen, that have hustled hard, understand what it’s like to be in your shoes and have specialised in specific items, In order to make sure you get the best value and they get the best deal.

Pawn brokers in Sunninghill, Johannesburg specialise in gold, diamonds, jewellery and luxury watches. Their knowledge of gold quality and trading price, diamond clarity and luxury high end watches, guarantees you the best value, whether you decide to sell, loan against or even buy.


*they’re an expression of prestige”

Time piece perfection states it perfectly.


Production and In-house Movements
Are primarily what set your luxury watch apart. Limited productions of certain brands and hand-craftsmanship add value to your time piece.

Brand Status
Luxury watches like Rolex, Blancpain and Breitling already enjoy elevated value just simply having the logo stamped on the back. Rolex, for example, has defined luxury watch status through its use of expensive steel material that notoriously keeps it’s grand appearance throughout generations. Many watch brands fall into the luxury watch category without necessarily sharing the same price tags. Brand association also carries status. Cartier and Tag Huer share luxury watch status without being in the range of the mighty Rolex.

It’s so Pretty
Apart from the high quality mechanisms and materials used in your luxury watch, high end watches are also often decorated with jewells and precious stones. Engraving luxury watches detracts from the resale value. As your time piece, like your clothes and jewellery, is an extension of you and your custom style, and engraving is frowned upon , why not make it uniquely yours by customising your luxury watch with precious stones? Instead of devaluing with engraving, unique settings not only customise the time piece but also increase it’s value.

A Complication That’s not a Complication At All
In watch terminology, features beyond actual time keeping are called Complications. Complications include features like date, split second chronographs and time zone displays. Complications require thousands of minute moving parts that ultimately contribute to the high end value of your watch. A Grand Watch is a time piece consisting of three Complications. This is your ultimate high end time piece.

When you realise the value of the watch your grand daddy left you and you don’t want to sell It, you don’t have to. A good pawn broker in your community, with a good reputation and a keen knowledge of watches will be able to offer you a loan agreement against your watch with suitable terms and conditions. Once the loan agreement has been satisfied according to the requirements, you are then able to retrieve your watch for continued sentiment, without having lost it in a sale.

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