Pawn Luxury Watch South Africa

When gold of the highest quality, steel of the most refined quality and architecture of the highest
standards combine, and explosions of style, precision and strength takes place. Together they signify
the best of Rolex qualities. Modified attachments , of the highest quality materials, lend a seamless
visual continuity, all developed and designed in-house. The 9001 movement of the Sky Dweller’s self-
winding mechanism is protected by 7 different patents, ensuring a style and quality that cannot be
matched or successfully replicated. The innovative architecture and high quality materials set the Rolex
apart in terms of precision and reliability, having arguably the most complex calibres ever designed.

One must assume that because of the status the Rolex demands, it is inevitable that those who can’t
afford the original master time pieces, would naturally try to replicate it. When buying or selling a
Rolex, there are flaws to look out for that scream “fake" and you should run as fast as your little legs will
carry you.
1) Imitations and replicas can be spotted by the cheaper quartz movements. The hands are also
noted to “stutter" giving way to a ticking noise that Rolex's do not do.
2) Rolex time pieces are made of high quality materials that lend a certain weight to the originals
that their cheaper counterparts cannot match. Replica Rolex watches are lighter in weight.
3) The winding mechanism in fake models is rudimentary and allows for changes to hour, minutes
and date whereas the original mechanisms are finely crafted, patent protected and finely
engraved, suited to the complex nature of the Rolex.
4) The most distinguishing feature between replicas and originals, is the Cyclops lense. It is
extremely difficult to replicate and often a step that is left off of the counterfeit watches. The
Cyclops lense, magnifies the date on original Rolex watches.
5) Be cautious, there are very good reproductions out there. Again, it is always beneficial to do
your homework.

There are over 700,000 Rolex watches sold annually, for all their price and extravagance. The Rolex
quality and stigma ensures that as a watch, it retains most of its high end value and it is a time piece
that is always in demand.
This is good news if you need to sell or pawn your Rolex. It is a highly sought after luxury item and it is
very seldom that a pawn broker would turn down the chance to buy or use a Rolex as collateral against a
loan. If you are thinking of either option, there are a few pointers to help you secure the highest value
for your time piece.

 Presentation: the appraisal will depend on what the watch looks like in its current form and it’s
current working condition. A good clean and polish would not be remiss if you want to get the
highest appraisal.
 Having the original packaging is probably the most important accessory you can keep. The
original box and paperwork goes a long way in securing legitimacy and value with the end user.
 Secure any missing pieces. Any links removed should be kept ( in the original packaging) and
any stones that have come loose, should be presented with the watch.
 Get an appraisal. Knowing beforehand what your luxury item is worth, makes negotiating more
effective for you.
Pawn brokers, these days, are professional and usually have a vast knowledge of luxury items. With
the Rolex turn around and popularity, pawn brokers have made it their business to stay up to date
with the high end products Rolex produce. The benefit of your pawn broker if you are selling, is that
you can exact same day cash. Even more beneficial, if you don’t want to part with your Rolex , the
Pawn Broker will most assuredly be willing to use it as collateral against a loan. Settle the loan
requirements as agreed and you can once again lay claim to your luxury time piece.

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