Jewellery Bangles

Jewellery Bangles unlike the musical band The Bangles, originate from India. Many traditions and beliefs follow this round piece of metal often made out of copper or in some Indian traditions, small glass.

The bangle is very much a custom from India as you can see in the amount of times India has been mentioned above. Mainly the bangle is present in the wedding ceremony, where the Indian woman wears these bangles on her wedding day. Some beliefs are that the honeymoon will not be over until the last bangle breaks off. Others are that the bride should not buy her own bangles for her wedding.

But the plain old normal bangle is just there to prettify. Different materials are used to make bangles, of which wood is one. Of course one cannot pass the obvious material of the perfect Jewellery Bangle, and that would be gold. Very obviously round in shape the jewellery bangle can be improvised to look very different and interesting and beautiful.

Stainless steel jewellery bangles seems to be the it bangle these days. Manufactured in China there is a high demand for this in-fashion piece and women are going gaga over them. Fine jewellery no longer holds the trump card as costume jewellery such as jewellery bangles have taken over worldwide. But don’t be fooled, the traditional jewellery bangle may be round in shape, but few designers dared to go the square route. I guess they heard its hip to be square.

The beaded jewellery bangle is also a force to be reckoned with, as the various colours of the beads compliment many dress forms and is loved by woman who want to accessorise to the tee.

The Indian norm is to wear the glass bangles, however this has to date slowly been replaced by less expensive plastic bangles, and is normally worn in pairs by the Indian woman.

The jewellery bangle is a small but vital part to accessorizing the perfect outfit, and whether you wear one or ten it is bound to make a fashion statement that won’t be soon forgotten.