Environment Agency Order forces Gold Fields to halt Ghana Plant

Gold Fields is the 4th largest world producer of precious metal. They actually had to halt production at their gold recovery plant in the Tarkwa mine
after Ghana informed them that water actually discharged from a site which needed more treatment.

A statement by Gold Fields said that they believe that the Tarkwa mine was complying fully with all the necessary conductivity levels with regards to its
various water discharges. However, it is still conducting more inquiries in order to simply validate this. The plant ceased activity on 16 July following
a Ghana Environmental Agency’s directive.

Heap leaching, a cost effective process of spraying chemicals over ore which is being extracted at Tarkwa in order to loosen gold is what Gold Fields
does at the plant in Ghana. The plant is situated 185 miles just West of Accra, the nation’s capital. It accounts for up to 28% of the mine’s entire
717000 ounces that was produced in 2011. This mine is the second largest of Gold Fields when taking into consideration the output. This is in second place
only to the Kloof and Driefontein complex which is located in South Africa. It is also the plant that maintains the third lowest of all costs of the
company’s operations.

The EPA of Ghana informed the company that they needed to sop with their water discharging at the heap site. They also told the company that they need to
build a treatment plant in order to reduce conductivity levels. The company stated that they will be building the plants by December in 2012.08.16

Sven Lunsche, the Gold Field’s spokesperson said that they are in talks with the EPA. He went on to say in questions on the resumption of production that
they are confident that they will reach an agreement with the EPA, hopefully in the coming weeks, but nothing is guaranteed. This will help them to be
able to resume production at their plant which is one of their most important plants, accounting for a lot of their production.